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Consumer Law

Customers are the inevitable element of any market system. They are the fuel of every business organizations. Consumers really are facing more exploitation from different business concern in the form of higher pricing, low quality products, poor customer services, and not keeping promises. Here arises the importance of consumer lawyers. We provide the best solutions being the consumer lawyers in Trivandrum. To safe guard the rights of a consumer, The Consumer protection act 1986 has been enacted and this law is being used by the consumer lawyers to protect the rights of their clients as well as to safe guard them from misuse of the same. Consumer protection laws in India were enacted to protect the interest of consumers and ensure that they are treated fairly by sellers, manufacturers and service providers. The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 protects consumers against fraudulent actions of all sorts and scams and lays down the process of how to file a case in consumer court in India. Consumer protection law is wide-ranging and establishes a 3-tier consumer forum. We, RMR Law Associates are well reputed consumer lawyers in Trivandrum, takes up and handle consumer complaints pertaining to different industries and fields. 

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