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We understand how important it is for a trainee lawyer to receive professional, effective, and flexible training. Nowadays the opportunity of getting effective way of training and practice to the candidate after enrolment is few. The young candidate who rolls out, after enrolment struggle to find out a proper well –established law firm, wherein they will be given the tremendous opportunity to develop and mould their career.

The common struggle is that even if a junior advocate finds out a well-established law firm to start their training, the chances for him/her to explore the possibilities are less due to the existing juniors numerous in numbers, already associated with the firm and it will minimize their scope of study and development in that particular firm.

On the other hand, if they try to fit themselves in a law firm that is not well established, there is yet a big challenge of becoming non-productive and there will be no door open to them to advance the scope of the study. Here comes, the requirement of an institutions to provide and guide juniors in the profession with a systematic way in order to enable them to start their legal profession.

The Institution will shed light on the minds of the candidate on how to start their profession and make them independent to a certain extent wherein they will become productive and confident enough to approach a well –established law firm and can prove themselves to be productive enough to fit in. This Institution is the best place for the aspiring candidate who want to expand their knowledge and skill and stay ahead of the competition.

The duration of the course is for 12- months. During the 12-month period, candidates could secure an advanced legal training by our program by which candidates will be well-equipped in the legal Industry.



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